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Monday, May 17, 2010

Our global Business Partner Info and opportunities

*A American Samoa,Anguilla,Antiqua,Argentina,Australia,Austria,Azores

*B Bahamas,Barbados,Barbuda,Belgium,Bermuda,Brazil,British Virgin Islands,Brunei

*C Canada,Canary Island,Cayman Island,Channel Island,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Crotia,Czech Rep.

*D Denmark,Dominica,Dominican Republic

*E El Salvador

*F Finland, France, French Antilles,French

*G Guiana,Germany,Grenada,Greece,Guam,Guatemala,Guernsey,

*H Haiti,Honduras,Hong Kong,Hungrary

*R Republic of Ireland

*I Indonesia,India,Italy

*J Japan,Jersey Ireland

*K Korea

*L La Reunion

*M MALAYSIA,Macau,Madiera,Mexico,Monserrat

*N Namibia, The Netherlands,Netherlands Antilles(Aruba,Bonaire,Curacao,Dutch St. Martin,Saba,St.Eustatius),New zealand,Norway

*P Pulau Island,Panama,People'a Republic of China,Philippines,Poland,Portugal,Puerto Rico

*R Romania,Russia

*S Singapore,The Slovak Republic,Slovenia,South Africa,Spain,St kitts and Nevis,St Lucia,St Vincent,Sweden,Switzerland

*T Thailand,Taiwan,Trinidad and Tobago,Trust territories of the pacific(Mariana,Marshall,and Caroline Island), Turkey,Turks and Caicos Island.

*U Ukraine,United Kingdom,United states of America, US Virgin Island,Uruguay

*V Venezuela,Vietnam

*W Wake Islands

For more details and reference contact your Leader...