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Monday, May 10, 2010

I got a millionaire mind, i say yes to success....!!!

There is secret to success,
hopes to find,
There is a key ...to the world and its mine all mine....

There is a world about opportunity, feel the possibility dream that i'm gonna find, I got a millionaire mind i say YES, i say YES to success!!!

I got a blueprint for the future
brand new design....
I,m play at the money game and winning all the time...
Hmmmmm there is world about opportunity
Feel the possibility
Dreams that I'm gonna find.....

Igot a millionaire mind
i say YES!! i say YES!! to success!!!!
i say YES!! i say YES to success!!!

All that i can see
All that i can dream
Infinite prosperity
Its all inside me.....
I got a millionaire
Igot a millionaire
I got a millionaire mind....

I got a millionaire mind
I say YES, I say YES to success.....
Igot a millionaire mind, I say YES!! I say YES to success....

I got a millionaire and YOU... got a millioanaire...
Igot a millionaire and YOU got a millionaire MIND.........